Let InfinitiesSoft Help Accelerate Your AI Adoption Today

InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc. is a software company with expertise in AI cloud platform and hybrid cloud management. If you are using GPU for developing AI models and applications, you can find our latest product AI-Stack useful. Our aim is to help our customers accelerate AI adoption today!

GPU has become the computing leader due to AI. Nowadays we can see AI in many industry areas. How to efficiently manage GPU resources and improve utilization rate in AI development process is a critical issue. AI-Stack is here to help you!

AI-Stack can transform a single GPU server or server cluster into a controllable, manageable, shareable, and horizontally scalable machine learning/ deep learning computing resource pool, bringing flexibility and efficient collaboration to GPU computing resources with improved cost-effective operations.

By connecting people with resource, processes and tools needed for AI, we help customers to adopt AI faster, easier and more efficiently. AI-Stack provides intuitive and easy-to-use machine learning user interface like AWS. After log in, users can see how many containers have been created and the resource quota that they can use, as well as action logs

AI-Stack simplify provisioning on machine learning computing environment and framework with template menu. Users only need to select the hardware, image type, AI framework and set up SSH password so that they can create container in one minute. After that, they can link into Jupyter Notebook, TensorBoard or Matlab to start AI training tasks. AI-Stack also provides resource monitoring. Users and Admins can check the utilization rate of CPU, Disk, Network, GPU and GPU temperature overtime. Admin can also set up criteria to trigger notifications for abnormal situations.

AI-Stack satisfies IT managers and Machine Learning practitioners alike with four advantages.

  1. Ease of use: AI-Stack provides momentary set up of machine learning environment in easy steps.
  2. Resource monitoring: AI-Stack provides functions such as flexible resource sharing, individual/team resource quota limit and job scheduling.
  3. Autonomy: AI-Stack provides tenant management, SSH Key or password login.
  4. Alignment: AI-Stack provides LDAP for account management and storage integration with NFS or S3, also batch and application workflows.

Our customers are ranging from education sector, government, utility sector, semiconductors, IC design companies to other manufacturers. In this year, demands are growing from banking industry and healthcare industry. Our first customer is Taiwan’s National Center for High-performance Computing. We helped the Center build the first GPU Cloud in Taiwan that AI-Stack manages 10 NVIDIA DGX-1 and 8 HGX.

Our first customer in industry is the world-leading semiconductor manufacturer. We built an AI education and training platform with AI-Stack to enable their employees to learn AI on this platform.

AI-Stack now manages about 45% of the market share of NVIDIA DGX in Taiwan. We also provide AI-Stack Appliance with Dell, HPE and Supermicro depending on customer needs. If you have enquiries on GPU cloud or GPU sharing, welcome to contact us. We can help you build GPU resources for AI team, AI labs or AI GPU cloud services from small to large scales.